Share your North – Arctic Cooperation & Dialogue is an online platform which provides a space for seminars, lectures, conversations, and interviews on life and development in the Arctic.

Share your North promotes Arctic and Traditional knowledges and fosters exchange and networking between local communities, students, early career researchers, scholars, experts, universities, research institutions, Indigenous peoples, and the private sector.

The primary objectives of Share your North shall be to overcome remoteness; to facilitate and enhance knowledge-sharing and collaboration; to build together resilience of Arctic communities; and to support projects and initiatives that will help promote sustainable development in the region.

Core partner

The Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network

The mission of the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network (IACN) is to initiate, encourage and facilitate Icelandic and international cooperation on Arctic issues, including research, education, innovation and monitoring, amongst public and private organizations, institutions, businesses and bodies involved in Arctic issues. The IACN fulfills its goal by facilitating access to information concerning Arctic related activities, providing support, guidance and consultation for cooperation on Arctic issues within Iceland, and by participating in domestic and international projects. | Visit IACN's website


The Northern Research Forum

The Northern Research Forum coordinates various Arctic activities in Iceland and internationally, both within and outside of the University. The forum strives to increase interdisciplinary knowledge and collaboration in the Arctic and to improve the livelihoods of Arctic communities. UNAK is a founding member of the UArctic, a cooperative network of universities, colleges and other organizations committed to higher education and research in the North. The Northern Research Forum is a long-standing UArctic Institute. | Visit UNAK's website


Northeast Iceland Development Fund

The purpose of the Regional Development Fund is to support cultural, economic and innovation projects in Northeast Iceland. The administration of the fund is managed by the Association of Municipalities in Northeast Iceland. The fund is part of the Northeast Development Strategy 2020-2024, which marks the future vision for the region in 2024 with emphasis on three distinct pillars: Business Development and Innovation, Culture, and the Environment. | Visit SSNE's website


Regional Plans and Actions

Regional plans of action are strategic plans that include the jurisdictions of regional Associations of Local Authorities. They consist of an assessment of the situation of the region, a future vision, specific targets and actions aimed at achieving those targets. Regional plans of action set out regional priorities that take into account the main objectives of the regional development programme, national land use policy, regional and detail plans, cultural policy and other public policies. | Visit Regional Plans and Actions website

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Share Your North Team

Andrii Gladii

Project Manager, Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network

Ariana Rae Telzerow

Communications Officer, Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network

Embla Eir Oddsdóttir

Director, Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network

Friðrik Þórsson

Communication Manager, Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network

Rúnar Gunnarsson

International Coordinator, University of Akureyri

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