WiRE and IACN conclude their Share Your North Webinar Series on Renewable Energy in the Arctic with their final instalment, exploring innovations and emerging technologies within the sector.

Renewable energy production has come a long way. In forgoing our unsustainable reliance on fossil fuels, we have managed to harness the powers of nature to renewably sate our ever-increasing demand for heat and electricity.

These systems are far from static; they are constantly evolving thanks to our collective ingenuity, providing new and efficient means to renewably satisfy our increasing demands for energy, with each emerging technology chartering unexpected paths forward.

It is with this in mind that this episode will delve into some of the latest developments within the renewable energy generation sector, uncovering their nuances and interplays within the current conditions of the Arctic.


  • Robert Woolgar – President and CEO at Growler Energy


  • Greg Poelzer – Co-Director of CASES SSHRC Partnership Grant at University of Saskatchewan; Lead of University of the Arctic Thematic Network in Renewable Energy at UArctic (University of the Arctic)